Fire Case

48 р

Содержимое кейса

26 Р
Taunt: Get Burned
246 Р
Genuine Rapier of the Burning God Offhand
14 Р
Wings of the Fireflight Scion
9 Р
Head of the Igneous Stone
23 Р
Controlled Burn
3 Р
Sentinel of the Blackguard Magus
2 Р
Hellthorn's Sword
14 Р
Club of the Igneous Stone
12 Р
Bow of the Battleranger
100 Р
Voulge of the Andestian Sentinel
1932 Р
Fiery Soul of the Slayer
138 Р
Rampant Outrage
148 Р
Hellborn Grasp
66 Р
Searing Dominator
2 Р
Claws of the Transmuted Armaments
58 Р
75 Р
Sect of Kaktos
12 Р
Obsidian Golem
80 Р
Mantle of the Cinder Baron
49 Р
Sufferwood Sapling