17% oR Death

80 р

Содержимое кейса

191 Р
Muh Keen Gun
3 Р
Headpiece of the Wuxia
2 Р
Bow of the Frostborne Wayfarer
2 Р
Drowned Horseman's Axe and Buckler
807 Р
Righteous Thunderbolt
1 Р
Axe of the Chaos Hound
262 Р
Arms of Desolation
182 Р
Mace of the Chosen
570 Р
Golden Shadow Masquerade
877 Р
177 Р
Razzil's Midas Knuckles
373 Р
Sullen Hollow
100 Р
Voulge of the Andestian Sentinel
226 Р
Latticean Shards
315 Р
Inverse Bayonet
1 Р
Cursed Zealot Claws
139 Р
Geodesic Eidolon
599 Р
Genuine Molten Claw
760 Р
Golden Moonfall
2 Р
Crown of Prismatic Grace
9 Р
Cage of Forbidden Knowledge
265 Р
Dam'arakan Muzzle
1 Р
Helmet of the Vicious Plains
1 Р
Chieftain Headdress of the West
81 Р
Genuine Red General's Soul Splitter
177 Р
Bow of the Beholder
458 Р
Genuine Skittering Desolation