Support Case

79 р

Содержимое кейса

Hat of the Itinerant Scholar
Inscribed Shatterblast Crown
Inscribed Winter Solstice Fashion
Winter Snowdrop
Bracers of the Cavern Luminar
Genuine Dazolator
Nothlic Burden
Burning scepter of the Antipodeans
Inscribed Resistive Pinfold
Shearing Deposition
Helmet and hood of the Antipodeans
Infused Crown of Sacred Light
Scabbards of the Stormcharge Dragoon
Inscribed Favors of the Shamanic Light
Inscribed Geodesic Eidolon
Infused Tail of the Ferocious Toxicant
Helm of the Fallen Princess
Inscribed Flourishing Lodestar
Frost Avalanche
Swine of the Sunken Galley
Inscribed Staff of Perplex
Chains of the Summoned Lord Set
Frozen Feather Set
Hat of the Itinerant Scholar
Eki Spiritual Implements Set
Wings of the Paladin Set
Sacred Orb Set
Councilor's Complete Raiment Set