Carry Case

99 р

Содержимое кейса

Nimble Edge Set
Inscribed The Witch Hunter
Helm of Zhuzhou
Genuine Vanguard Fireblade
Inscribed Vigil Signet
Genuine The Golden Barb of Skadi
Inscribed Grand Blade of the Demigod
Fireborn Odachi
Sigil Mask of the Bladekeeper
Golden Fortune's Tout
The Gifts of Yoskreth Set
Claws of the Ferocious Heart
Acolyte of Vengeance Mask
Golden Shadow Masquerade
Twin Blades of the Imperious Command
Crimson Pique
Helm of the Haunted Lord
Blistering Shade
Ancient Crasher
The Mage Slayer's Set
Flail of the Burning Nightmare
Inscribed Guise of the Winged Bolt
Manifold Paradox
Inscribed Blades of Voth Domosh
Fractal Horns of Inner Abysm
Exalted Bladeform Legacy
Scythe of Sacrifice
Genuine Sven's Revenge
Severing Lash
Frozen Redwood Claws
Bow of the Beholder
Infused Edge of the Flowering Shade
Genuine Shade of the Ranger
Swift Claw
Offhand Basher of Mage Skulls
Inverse Bayonet
Mania's Mask
Crystal Dryad
Scree'auk's Talon
Exalted Call of the Bladeform Legacy
Blood Shard
Gleaming Seal