RaNdom Mythical

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Содержимое кейса

Genuine Smeevil
Sempiternal Revelations Hat
Infused Helm of the Umizar Crawler
Expanse of Measureless Ruin
Totem of Deep Magma
Armor of the Daemonfell Flame
Arc of Manta
Kindred of the Umizar Crawler
Flightless Fury
Wings of the Fallen Princess
Headpiece of the Andestian Sentinel
Mantle of the Andestian Sentinel
Style of the Fearful Aria
Bow of the Beholder
Infused Edge of the Flowering Shade
Timberthaw Ripsaw
The Fearmaker
Infused Garb of the Corridan Maestro
Lance of the Wurmblood
Burning scepter of the Antipodeans
Sapphire Sabre-Lynx
Wrap of the Shifting Sorcerer
Infused Dress of the Bewitching Flare
Armor of the Fearful Aria
Tome of the Itinerant Scholar
Infused Pauldron of the Dreadborn Regent
Hat of the Itinerant Scholar
Fan of the Royal Butcher
Genuine Recluse Reef Denizen
Grievous Ingots
Genuine Berserker's Witchslayer
Hat of the Stormcharge Dragoon
Pauldron Perch
Hook of the Sorrowful Prey
Crazed Tassels of the Black Death