RaNdom Rare

49 р

Содержимое кейса

Mantle of Zhuzhou
Helm of the Beholder
Form of Eternal Purgatory
Autographed Horns of Monstrous Reprisal
Mount of the Burning Nightmare
Commander's Helm of the Flameguard
Cap of the Fungal Lord
Olde Cap of the Rainmaker
Formed Alloy Blades
Diffusal Lance
Genuine Magnificent Flame
Helm of the Burning Nightmare
Edge of the Final Utterance
Genuine Duelist's Greatsword
Grampa Sharpie's Shin Shooter
Red Mist Reaper's Scythe
Riftshadow Roamer's Fine n' Fancy
Scarlet Oak
Emerald Frenzy Spikes
Chiroptera of the Ghastly Matriarch
Familiar of the Great Grey
Kraken's Bane
Bloodstained Britches
Inscribed Warlock's Summoning Scroll
The Apocalyptic Fire Set
The Stoneshard Majesty Set
The Mysterious Vagabond Set
Arms of the Bramble Lord Set
The Riftshadow Roamer's Set
Fire Tribunal Set
Bindings of the Storm-Stealer Set
Familiars of Glorious Inspiration
Genuine Toad Totem
Aghanim's Basher
Ruan of Blossoming Harmony
The Claddish Renegade
Kit of the First Hunt Style Unlock
Lone Traveler's Beret
Hellfire Edge