ANti Mage Case

69 р

Содержимое кейса

Shoulder Plate of the Fervent Conscript
Wrap of the Shifting Sorcerer
Genuine Blade of Tustakuri
Bracers of the Survivor
Inscribed Basher of Mage Skulls
Arc of Manta - Off-Hand
Fervent Conscript Style Unlock
Inscribed Fashion of Yoskreth
Taunt: The Magic Ends Here
Acolyte of Vengeance Mask
Offhand Blade of the Survivor
Shroud of the Awakened
The Clergy Ascetic Set
Ancient Crescent
Hatchet of the Shifting Sorcerer
Armor of Broken Scale
Golden Offhand Basher of Mage Skulls
Inscribed Golden Basher of Mage Skulls
Style of the Fervent Conscript
Basher of Mage Skulls
Hair of the Witch Hunter